If this is your first time on St. Peter’s webpage, I want to thank you for visiting.
Your presence is a gift to our community.


St. Peter’s is a community with a story. Founded over a hundred years ago as a Japanese mission of the Episcopal Church, today, people from many different walks of life experience St. Peter’s as home. On any given Sunday, this includes married, divorce and single people, queer and straight, young and old, city dwellers and suburbanites, housed and unhoused, those with mental illness and addiction, lifelong Episcopalians and those new to the Episcopal Church and Christianity.

We see our diverse makeup as a gift from God, one that enables us to more authentically be Christ’s Body in the world.

Because the experience of many in our community includes racism and exclusion, we strive to stand in solidarity with those who are still outsiders, and to be a place of wholeness and healing.

We are a community grounded in hospitality. We like food! Each Sunday, we gather around the altar to receive God’s hospitality in bread and wine that become the Body and Blood of Christ. Afterwards, during brunch at Coffee Hour, the feasting continues with a delicious meal.  

Whether you are new to St. Peter’s, the Episcopal tradition, or Christianity, I hope you know how welcome you are at St. Peter’s. I look forward to welcoming you in person soon.

The Reverend Edmund Harris


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